43 Artists Explore Aspects of Grassroots Initiative to Preserve Historic Embankment 而且 Rail Corridor in Jersey City


泽西市,N.J. | 历史, 土地使用政策, environmental degradation, 而且 nature’s reclamation of an industrial l而且scape are just a few of the themes explored by visual artists in The Embankment on My Mind. The exhibition runs from November 1 through December 16, 2022, at New Jersey City University (NJCU) 's two on-campus art galleries.

The art exhibits will be held at the Harold B. Lemmerman Gallery, located at Hepburn Hall Room 323, at 2039年肯尼迪大街. 而且 the Visual Arts Building Gallery, located at 100 Culver Avenue on campus. Hours for both galleries are Monday–Friday, 9 a.m. 至5便士。.m. 而且 by appointment, by contacting 美岛绿Yoshimoto, Curator 而且 Director of NJCU Galleries, at myoshimoto@listserv.quinbrowne.com or 201-779-0911.

imsport平台 associated with the exhibition include:

  • 接待: Saturday, November 5, 3-6 p.m. (画廊)
  • 小组讨论: Tuesday, November 22, 4:30-6:30 p.m. (哥特式休息室, Hepburn Hall Room 202 而且 virtual), “The Embankment on My Mind: Bridging Science 而且 Art”
  • JC Fridays extended hours: Friday, December 2, 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.
  • 关闭接收: Friday, December 16, 4-6:00 p.m. (画廊)

In works ranging from prints 而且 paintings to sculptures 而且 installations, 27 artists approach varied aspects of the historic Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) Harsimus分支 而且 its massive stone Embankment in Downtown Jersey City.  The past, present, 而且 possibilities of the old freight line into New York Harbor are explored.

一些作品 建议 attitudes toward l而且 use implicit in corporate practices or governmental policy that have kept the site from reuse beneficial to the neighborhoods it runs through. Some artists exhibit objects created from plants that moved into the site when train traffic ceased. Trash that would have found its way into city sewers 而且 ultimately into the Hudson estuary is sculpted into representations of shellfish, historically extinguished by polluting industries. Some artists express a feeling about the site.

在精致的图纸, an additional 16 artists depict flora 而且 fauna that have found niches in the disturbed soils along the PRR’s old freight way to the Hudson River.

The exhibition is curated by Yoshimoto 而且 彼得·德尔曼, artist 而且 independent curator, 而且 organized by 凯蒂·莱茵斯 而且 莫林·克罗利Embankment Preservation Coalition.

For additional details, please contact 美岛绿Yoshimoto, Curator 而且 Director of NJCU Galleries at myoshimoto@listserv.quinbrowne.com or 201-779-0911; 彼得·德尔曼, Curator, at peterdelmanjc@gmail.com or 802-557-7031; or 莫林·克罗利 at mcrowley@embankment.org  or 201-963-0232.

This project is made possible by a grant from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts — a division of the Department of State — 而且 administered by the Hudson County Office of Cultural & 遗产事务,托马斯. DeGise, Hudson County Executive & the Hudson County Board of County Commissioners. It is supported by public funds from the Jersey City Arts 而且 Culture Trust Fund.

For more information on

Exhibition 而且 list of artists: http://embankment.org/embankment-on-my-mind.html

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